The Best Way to Clean Floors: Is a Mop the Answer?

When it comes to cleaning floors, there are many options available. Flat mops, such as Swiffers, are great for daily cleaning from dust and light dirt. But for a deep clean, the traditional wet mop is still the best way to go. For lightly soiled floors, one pass with a damp mop may be enough.

For heavily soiled floors, you may need to scrub twice. Start by wetting the entire floor and then clean the edges first. When one side of the mop gets dirty, turn it to the clean side. If there is persistent soil left, remove it with a scouring pad before rinsing.

Move to the open floor area, overlapping the strokes back and forth as you work. Make two passes over each area, once to moisten and spread the solution, and again to remove it. If it doesn't pass a second time, detergent may remain and leave the floor sticky and cloudy. Eliminate strong chafing marks with a lightweight nylon pad.

If you can't reach the narrow corners without hitting the skirting boards, clean them by hand with a damp cloth. For an extra cleaning step, you can scrub the entire floor one last time with nothing but cool, warm rinsing water. To clean the mop and bucket after use, put on a pair of cleaning gloves and thoroughly rinse them with warm water in the sink or bathtub. When it comes to choosing between a broom, vacuum or both, it's best to vacuum if there are only hairs or dust on the surface while sweeping is a better option if you're trying to remove larger pieces of dirt or other products that may be difficult for the vacuum to remove.

Prepare properly starting at the back corner of the room and work backwards so you don't walk over an area you just cleaned. And whatever you do, leave the vinegar in the pantry! Do it with a sponge and soapy water or with your favorite household cleaning solution (just make sure it's safe for your floor). In conclusion, while flat mops are great for daily cleaning from dust and light dirt, only a good weekly wet clean with an appropriate cleaning solution and a mop can truly provide the deep cleaning a floor needs. Choose your cleaning solution carefully and make sure to rinse your mop regularly to prevent spreading dirt instead of removing it.

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